Vaalimaa border station

The Vaalimaa border station is nearby

The Vaalimaa border station – the busiest crossing point on Finland’s eastern border – is in Virolahti.

The EU’s most important border crossing point from a Member State to Russia

Vaalimaa is the European Union’s most important border crossing point into Russia. Some three million people travel through this crossing point each year. Traffic across the border will increase in the near future, as traffic from Nuijamaa is rerouted to Vaalimaa once the highway between St. Petersburg and Vyborg is completed in 2025, according to the current schedule.

Across the border by highway or rail

Cross-border goods transport is fluent via the E18 highway. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive from Helsinki to the border station, about 30 minutes from the Kotka-Hamina region, and the trip from the border to St. Petersburg takes about 2.5 hours. Thanks to the same track gauge in Finland and Russia, goods can also easily be transported by rail from the Port of HaminaKotka, via Kouvola, to Russia and Asia.

Vaalimaa – also a centre for trade and logistics

Vaalimaa border station has become an important business location in recent years. Logistic companies specialising in Russian trade; specialty shops; and Finland’s first Outlet village, Zsar Outlet Village, operate close to the Russian border, attracting both locals and tourists. The area is growing fast, and new areas catering for trade, leisure activities and industry are being planned near the border.

Thanks to the Port of HaminaKotka and the Vaalimaa border station, the Kotka-Hamina region is the ideal location for businesses planning trade with Russia in particular – come and visit our border area!