Kotka-Hamina the Region of the Future

Kotka-Hamina the Region of the Industries

Kotka-Hamina the Region of the Logistics

Kotka-Hamina the Region of the Champions

Kotka-Hamina the Region of the Clean Air

Kotka-Hamina the Region of the Events

Welcome to building your success story in our region

This is a place where we roll our sleeves up and get things done. Industry is renewing, investing and digitalising, we have great logistics, and tourists are attracted to our peaceful, natural surroundings. The Kotka-Hamina region provides opportunities for a variety of businesses, both large and small. And if you really like it here, it’s a great place to settle down. Come and see for yourself!

Get excited about the Kotka-Hamina region

From timber to data

Wood, paper, paperboard, metal. These are the strong roots of the region. We have wrestled with structural change, and taken huge strides into the future.
Local industry is alive and well, and developing on the basis of innovations. Ships come and go in Finland’s largest general port. Trains and lorries head east, west and north. Tranquil nature, lush forests, the rapids of the Kymi River and waves of the Baltic Sea attract both new residents and tourists.
All this just an hour from Helsinki.

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