The top industries in our region

The best setting for success, including yours!

The Kotka-Hamina region is the best place for successful business in a range of industries. The strong industrial base created along the fast-flowing Kymijoki river is still here. Undismayed by structural change, the paper and metal industries are thriving on the basis of new innovations.

Industry, logistics, digitalisation and tourism are at the forefront

Ships come and go in Finland’s largest general port. Trains and trucks flow east, west and north. Aviation logistics has taken a big leap forward due to the new Helsinki-East airport.

Data transfer, electrification of transport, cleantech and the bioeconomy have created attractive new opportunities. Google’s data centre in Hamina – one of the company’s largest data centres in Europe – has also made the region attractive to new players in the industry.

Our magnificent, shoreline region in the green Kymijoki delta, in the eastern reaches of the Gulf of Finland, is also attracting growing numbers of tourists by land, sea, and air – from Finland and abroad.

Here, your company will have a great setting and opportunities to succeed!