A strong industrial tradition lives on

Wood, paper, paperboard, metal. These are the strong roots of the region. We have wrestled with structural change, and turned our eyes firmly towards the future with confidence.

Source of innovations

Companies in the Kotka-Hamina region have developed innovations with an environmental focus. An international and modern technology industry is growing and developing around the forest industry, and the metal and packaging industry is thriving.

Room for businesses in the port, near the border and in industrial parks

There is room for businesses in Finland’s largest general port, Port of HaminaKotka, at the new and developing Helsinki-East Aerodrome, and in the traditional Karhula Industrial Park and other industrial parks.

An environmental and dynamic journey towards new horizons

The region has an excellent and modern energy network, providing enough electricity, gas, steam and district heating for industrial needs. Large local energy companies – Kotka Energy and Hamina Energy – are developing the region’s energy infrastructure, taking account of environmentally friendly and smart energy solutions of the future.

We have plenty of good partners, planning expertise, energy, room for your business, and a workforce that knows what it’s doing.