Port of HaminaKotka

HaminaKotka – Finland’s largest universal port

The Port of HaminaKotka is Finland’s largest universal port. The port extends between two towns – Kotka and Hamina – covering a staggering 1,100 hectares.

Best locations and transport connections

Port of HaminaKotka offers the best service and networks in Finland. And it does no harm to be located next to the E18 highway, just over an hour from Helsinki, 35 kilometres from the Vaalimaa border station and 2.5 hours from St. Petersburg.

The port also has good rail connections to other parts of Finland and, through Kouvola and Russia to Asia.

Room for new industry

The Port of HaminaKotka has plenty of space for new large-scale industry, and for import and export companies. It has long traditions as an operating environment for the chemical and forest industries. There are also office premises of various sizes, complete with meeting facilities and lunch restaurant services.

Infrastructure and a wide range of services

If you set up your business at the port, you can use a range of stevedoring, forwarding, transport, terminal and storage services. Naturally, a port location will lower your logistics expenses.

Hundreds of businesses have chosen the Port of HaminaKotka as their operating environment. Want to check out what we can offer your company?