Special Feature: Google's Data Center & Sustainability Tour

Discover how a data center works and how digitalisation is supporting a more sustainable future

A data center is where the internet lives. You may only see a building with powerful servers and lots of blinking lights, but there is so much more going on. You are part of the digital age.

You shop online, book appointments, post on social media and manage your life with your smartphone. Google Maps gets you to that appointment on time. YouTube brings you tutorials, entertainment and life hacks. And when you travel, Google Translate helps you order your coffee and ask for directions in the local language. It’s all possible because our data centers are working for you. Lightning fast. Every minute of every day. Stroll around this expo to uncover the ways Google is using data to improve your day.

We’re proud to be located in Hamina and the Kymenlaakso region. At the Kymenlaakso Summit you’ll be invited to join a data center expo and learn more about how a data center works and how digitalisation is enabling progress. 

Google’s Data Center & Sustainability Tour will be open at the event from 9 am to 5 pm.