Data center business and plots

Will your next Data Center be in Finland?

If you are looking for a new location for your Data Center operations, the Kotka-Hamina Region of Finland meets even the strictest of criteria. Here it’s possible to get started with a new Data Center business in under a month. Google chose us, and we have excellent locations available for newcomers, too.

Three pre-zoned plots and fantastic infrastructure

We offer three pre-zoned areas, efficient power grids, bodies of water needed for cooling and strong partners. The new E18 motorway will be connected to a multi-body data network with access to other growth centres, as well as Central Europe. There is also plenty of skilled labour available for both roles in production and specialist positions.

The Kotka-Hamina region is simply the best place for a new Data Center business in Finland. Learn more about our Data Center plots and contact us!