Safety Park

Virtual safety training in the Safety Park

In 2023, the Safety Park, a training, testing and practice environment aimed at ensuring the overall safety of companies, will launch its operations in Kotka’s Kantasatama.

A training environment for companies and public authorities

In the Safety Park, companies will be able to practice risk management and model issues related to their practical security operations in a virtual environment. The Safety Park allows companies to improve their operations, enhancing both efficiency and predictability. In addition to companies, authorities including the Rescue Department and Finnish Defence Forces are also able to train in the Safety Park. In addition, the Safety Park will be a brand-new environment for RDI work.

The Safety Park needs operators and service providers

The Safety Park is offering an opportunity for park operators and a variety of service providers to relocate. Operators are meant to take over the rental activities at Safety Park related to their own field.

If you are interested in the Safety Park for business purposes, feel free to contact us!

The Safety Park is being developed in cooperation with the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk, the City of Kotka, as well as local companies and authorities in the region.

Additional information:

Anni Lippo
Project Manager
+358 44 702 8213