Helsinki-East aerodrome

Helsinki-East – airport of the future and technology park

Helsinki-East Aerodrome is Finland’s newest public airport and a developing aviation technology park. It was created to meet the need for a new base in Southern Finland for growing aviation activity, and the development of future aviation technology.

Helsinki-East is just an hour’s drive from the Helsinki region, right next to the E18 motorway.

Freight traffic, business flights, training and passenger transport

The developing logistics and unmanned freight drones of the future will need a runway, and that is what Helsinki-East can offer.

Lengthening the runway will ensure business travel in the future, including passenger transport, official flights and unscheduled, demand-responsive transport, which will improve accessibility for the whole of Finland.

Today’s aviation operators, aviation training and companies providing maintenance, logistics and storage services can use Helsinki-East Aerodrome.

Technology park developing aviation of the future

The aviation technology park at Helsinki-East Aerodrome will have a strong impact on future aviation. Research and testing will be required for the development of aviation technology, environmentally friendly fuels, and energy sources and lighter materials. New technologies and operating models can significantly reduce aviation costs.

Finnish and international experts are already developing and testing unmanned aviation at the airport.

More environmentally friendly aviation in the future

As technology develops, Helsinki-East will also meet the need for faster travel for smaller numbers of passengers, but in a more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way.