E18 highway and rail transport

E18 highway and international rail transport – the key to our region

The E18, Finland’s longest highway, running along the southern coast and through the Kotka-Hamina region, was completed in 2018.

The E18 links the Helsinki region, the Port of HaminaKotka and Vaalimaa

The E18 highway now links the Helsinki region, Port of HaminaKotka, the new Helsinki-East Aerodrome and Vaalimaa border station. This highway makes heavy transport between east and west faster and more fluent. The journey from Kotka and Hamina to Vaalimaa takes around 30 minutes, and the drive to Helsinki Airport takes around 1.5 hours.

Excellent rail connections

In addition to the E18 highway, companies in the Kotka-Hamina region have access to excellent rail connections. Freight from the Port of HaminaKotka, for example, moves quickly through Kouvola to Russia and Asia – and naturally to other parts of Finland.

If transport plays a major role in your business, the Kotka-Hamina region can offer you fluency, accessibility, affordability and speed.