Hurppu Nature Centre

A nature centre surrounded by stunning, maritime landscapes

Hurppu Nature Centre combines nature, culture and history as it opens new doors to profitable tourism in the heart of the thrilling landscapes of the Gulf of Finland’s coastline. Hurppu is located near the tourist flows of Eastern Finland and Russia, at just 20 kilometres from the Vaalimaa border crossing and 70 kilometres from Lappeenranta. The resort is easy to reach by air, sea, car or train. 

The development of the Hurppu Nature Centre includes a hotel, restaurant and leisure facilities. The sea and natural environment are at the heart of the centre. The buildings and resort area have been specially designed to respect and fit in with the surrounding natural environment.

Investment opportunities: horizon deck, hotel, spa and villas 

  • A 2000m2 stone deck for bird watching and various outdoor and cultural events
  • A 60-room hotel with a spa, wellness centre and conference facilities
  • A 160-seat restaurant with bar featuring a sea view
  • A community of 96 luxury villas


From Helsinki by car: 1 hour
From St. Petersburg by car: 2.5 hours
From St. Petersburg by train: 2 hours
From the Lappeenranta Airport: under 1 hour 
From the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: 1 hour
From the Helsinki-East Airport: 15 minutes
From the HaminaKotka International Cruise Port:  20 minutes