• Area: 45 ha
  • Building volume: 18 ha
  • Zoning: town plan

The Greenfield industrial area has good connections, and it is close to junctions on E18 and highway 15 (Helsinki–St. Petersburg/Kouvola–Kotka). Large vacant industrial plots, some pre-levelled, directly connected to a finished street network. Mäkelänkangas is conveniently located for traffic, and connections to both the west and the east are good.

The area is about 150 ha in size and completely covered by a local plan. The areas has industrial operations and the potential for expanding slightly.

The built environment consists of industrial production facilities, warehouses and office buildings. The blocks have mainly been excavated to make them level and then filled to make fields that can be used as storage areas by production plants.

The companies are mainly located along Mäkelänkankaantie Road. The level of infrastructure in the area is good. Plenty of electricity, natural gas, LNG, lots of water, drainage to the municipal network. The area has paved roads and a separate network of light traffic lanes.

In terms of scale, the area is a large, open industrial area. Gravel having been extracted from the area in the past still characterises the landscape in the area. Especially the northern part of the area looks very tidy and carefully designed.

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