Vaalimaa shopping & adventure

Business and leisure on the Russian border

In Vaalimaa, in the immediate vicinity of Finland’s busiest border crossing point, an area of 200,000m2 will support retail, services and adventure tourism. 

The main draws of the area will be the Vaalimaa Shopping Center and Zsar Outlet Village. The unique area will combine shopping and activities, making all travellers crossing the border at Vaalimaa potential customers.

Reach millions of prospective customers in Vaalimaa

The Vaalimaa area is located close to Finland’s most important border crossing between Helsinki and St. Petersburg, along the E18 motorway. Vaalimaa offers the best way to reach the 7 million inhabitants of the St. Petersburg metropolitan area, as well as the entire Russian market. 

In 2015, an estimated 3 million Russians crossed the border into southeastern Finland. Of those, 900,000 arrived via the Vaalimaa border crossing. Most visitors come from St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. The number of tourists in the area is forecast to rise steadily in the 2020s.

Benefits for hotel, restaurant, travel and casino operators in Vaalimaa

  • An environment that is developing and becoming increasingly international at a rapid pace 
  • Easy access to millions of customers willing and able to buy
  • Native Russian-speaking labour is readily available
  • Great connections from St. Petersburg and Helsinki along the E18 motorway, as well as by train or ship from all over the world to HaminaKotka harbour.
  • The nearest tourist destination for Russian tourists travelling for shopping, where travellers get a tax-free benefit and the opportunity to buy internationally renowned quality brands
  • What other key factors attract travellers to the region? The history of the Kotka and Hamina region, its cultural heritage, the border region’s edgy appeal, the natural environment, culture and activities

The Kotka-Hamina region is an excellent place to find your success!


From Helsinki by car: 1.5 hours
From St. Petersburg by car: 2.5 hours
From St. Petersburg by train: 2 hours
From the Lappeenranta Airport: under 1 hour 
From the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: 2 hours
From the Helsinki-East Airport: 30 minutes
From the HaminaKotka International Cruise Port: under 1 hour 

Commercial Construction Projects in Vaalimaa

Fish Trading House Oy, storage, forwarding and sales
East Gate Development Koy, Zsar Outlet Village I and II
Kiinteistö Oy Vaalimaantie/Länsikeskus I and II
Vaalimaa Trading Oy, fishmonger’s and restaurant, as well as a shopping centre